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Food coma

by CamillaEsi

Food coma
Food coma

Yesterday was a such a food coma day for me.

I begun the day as usual with oat puffs(?) and yougurt. Then at lunch we had spaghetti and meat sauce, and I had two big portions(which is rare). After that we had our last class. However, I had to wait at school three more hours because I was going to work. Whiles waiting I had coke. Fruits, lawd knows.. Haha

When the time was up I met my work mate(friend) she was hungry and so was i(?lol). We went to mcdonalds and had their new clubhouse meal, and for the first time I found a McDonald meal tasty. I also had their potatoe wedges, which was very tasty. Almost like the ones I make at home.. Hihi no nothing is better than them. Anyway it was a enjoyable meal.

After that it was work time. We worked for three hours then we ran out of numbers to call.. ­čîÜ so we finished earlier. The only thing is there was no buses leaving until a hour so we decided to kill time by going to a cafe. I had chai tea and apple crumble with vanilla custard(it was almost drowned in it) lol. Anyway it was delicious

When I came home I went straight to bed with a full stomach­čśť

Haha that was all I wanted to share

Good night ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

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