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Dream Interpretation

by CamillaEsi

Dream Interpretation

I have been dreaming so many strange dreams lately and I don't know why. Normally I don't dream often but when I do they are just so odd.

This night I dreamt about getting bit by a snake in my private part....­čś▒

And ofcourse I googled it this morning, haha. And according to all random Internet forum I have checked. The meaning of my dream has something to do about my unconsiousness giving me a wake up call.

Apperentlyn according to Freuds theorie about snake dreams, a snake symbolizes a penis(?) haha.

However since I am afraid of snakes in my real life, the snake bit symbolizes my fear of intimacy and commitment..

Since the a snake bit is venomus, it is warning me about a "poisonous".attitude in my real life.

I must say this intrepretation is very deep..

I could contact a "spiritual guide" but I don't believe in those things. Or what do you think?

Have you been having any strange dreams lately?

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