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Shots & Squats

by CamillaEsi

(I really love this song, so catchy. I have even changed my name on kik to the song title, haha)

I hope you all had a wonderful Monday( if it is even possible to have a descent Monday.. haha the pessimist in me is talking)

My Monday have been just casual, I woke up around 12.00 but layed in bed stalking people on instagram to 14.00.. hhaha #nolife. After that mom came home and even picked our letters with her and amoung the letters I had a little package, hehe. It was two pairs of earphones( I ordered them because I always lose or destroy my earphones, haha. I had to be on the safe side :P ) After that I did not really do much, however me and my mom is planing a little trip on Friday :-) So I am excited about that :D

How about you? Do you have any plans this weekend? :)

Hihi now I really have to sleep. I have been chasing my little sister almost all day, haha( She stole my candy..) these kids never seem to get tired. Haha.

Good night, sleep well :*

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