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Cracked screen

by CamillaEsi

Good Afternoon

I have only had one class today, but I had to stay in school until now because we are going to have a "get together" session with my class.

The only exciting thing about this day is I have finally installed my new phone! Haha it took my like 1week to do it because It needed a nanochip and I thought I was Macgyver so I tried to "cut" out a nanochip out of my microship.. You can imagine how that went😂

Anyway so I ordered a new one and finally It is all done

Even though it feels good to have a new phone. It was hard to say good bye to my old one., we had so many memories together..😔😂(I might be exaggerating a bit)

Cracked screen

look how cracked the screen is.. :O

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