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Take Me To Church

by CamillaEsi

When I first heard this song, I liked it because it sounded to me but not until yesterday when I listened to the lyrics..

This song really has a powerful message, unlike many songs these days. The song is about gay rights and how religion violates that. And in this case it is the church, some say that the song is bashing the church. I personally thinks it is a good wake up call to people, religion is a powerful weapon that can make or break you.

Lines like "I was born sick, but I love it" kind of explains how it is to be homosexual in todays society. It is a really strong message

I my self have thru the years developed a way of seeing religion, and I think religion is very stupid. I believe that there is a god but it does not necessarily have to be associated with any religion. All religions has so much in common but people still argue about what religion is the best and so on. Whether is Allah, God, Brahma you are worshipping it is still a power above you that can't be explained.

I am not going to get to deep in this because religion is clearly a sensitive topic..

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