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Good Night

by CamillaEsi

I just came out of the shower, it is sooo nice to take after a hot shower after a long day of doing nothing, haha. I feel fresh and cool(?) haha

How has your day been? Done anything fun? :)

Haha, I almost forgot to name it. This evening when I was leaving the food shop, I met a friend of mine and her mother. I was like what are they doing out at this time of the day? She said that they were going to the cemetery to pray for the dead people. I asked her if she had any relatives buried there, she was like urrm no?. Haha I found it really random that they were going to pray to unknown dead people :O, but apparently it is a Peruvian tradition. Really thoughtful though, the dead deserved more attention… :)

Anyway I really need to sleep now, haha. I have to wake up 6 o'clock in the morning :/..

Goodnight :*

Goodnight :*

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