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Good Morning

by camilla.cam38@gmail.com

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How are you all doing today? :D

I myself started the day by doing my laundry( I woke up really early) after that I toke a nap and skipped breakfast, I am eating the leftovers from yesterdays dinner which was homemade shish kebab(made by beef) and potatoes wedges.. yum.

So I want to share the wonderful recipe to make shish kebab :-)


800 g Minced meat or Beef

3 Cloves of Garlic

0,5 dl Parsley

1 Onion

5 Tablespoons of Mint leafs

2 Eggs

1 Teaspoon Sambal Oelek


Olive oil for brushing over the Meat

How to do

Mix Onion,Garlic , Koriander, Parsley and Mint with the Meat in  food processor or just do it by manually(by hand)

Put the mixed Meat in a bowl, add Eggs and salt. Mix it all

Wet your hands and form the meat to sausages.  Stick it to the sausages on a grill stick( wooden stick..? I don't know what it is called). Oil them

Grill them around 3- 4 minutes(or till they look ready) :-)


( Picture from google, they are not mine. Mine are already in my tummy :-) )

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