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Last day of my Summer vacation :(

by camilla.cam38@gmail.com

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I woke up 14.00 today, just because I just don't wake up to the fact that it is actually the last day of my summer vacation ;( But I gotta think positive, if the summer vacation went quick the school time will go as quick… :D haha. Al though I might be exaggerating, school is maybe not that bad as I am imagining it, I have many days this summer when I do nothing which can get very boring and annoying at times. So school will keep my occupied which is positive, and as they say Knowledge is power.It is not many people in the world that gets the opportunity to go to school which is very sad because without education you have no future(most of the times).

So I must think positive about school.. haha. And this is my second year so I only have two years left, yey

But right now I am drinking tea and listening to music

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