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Looking for a "professional" Camera

by camilla.cam38@gmail.com

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I have always thought that I had no need for having a "professional" camera, but ever since I started blogging I've noticed that I might actually need one, I have always thought that "professional" cameras where very useless unless  you were working as a photographer, haha. But now I feel like a really need one,the real reason why this came into my mind was that just a couple of days ago I was out for a walk a late night and noticed how beautiful the sky was. I tried taking a photo with my phone but you know how they turn out.. :( haha. So I came to instinct that a professional camera is needed by anyone that likes to take beautiful pictures :-)

So that is why I am looking for a good "professional" camera.  And if I find one it will be my first "serious" purchase except from buying cloths :-) because that is some serious sh*t we all need

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