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Apps I recommend

by camilla.cam38@gmail.com

posted in Tips


It is a very useful in many ways, it records your every move anytime any where. Unless you turn your phone off :-P. The best thing about it is that it counts your steps, calories, it basically records your every move. You see how many steps/km and calories you burn daily. You can also have an account to save your moves permanently( Incase your phone gets destroyed or gets stolen by an Alien ;) )


A very great app for you that likes to edit photos and so on. The filters there are a 100 times better than Instagrams filters, so if you like to upload nice photos that is the app for you. I use it all the time, when I discovered it I was like "where have you been all my life?!?!". You can also buy more filters incase you get bored of the free ones, so it is a great app. I give it a 12/10 :P


Also an photo editing app:-) It gives you photo a white background or in fact any color you want. And it keeps your photos original sized. Just a app if you like "pimping" your photos :-)


I just downloaded this app, I downloaded it because it wanted a easy way to regram photos and videos. I mostly downloaded it to regram videos :-) Also a very useful app


This app is for girls or women in any age, it helps you keep track on your menstration cycle. It tells you when you are "safe","unsafe" and fertile. And also when your period starts, It a very useful app actually. I never had a clue about my menstration cycle, it just came like a surprise, haha. So it has really helped me, therefore I really recommend it :-)

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