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Flight MH370

by camilla.cam38@gmail.com

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Ever since 8 mars 2014, the mystery of the missing flight have been growing bigger and bigger day by day. Up to today nobody knows where the plane is or what happened to it. This leaves place for a lot of spectaculations, I really hope that this mystery one day gets solved. I feel so bad for those family who have lost their loved ones.

I have been watching some documentaries about this mystery and to be honest I chose to believe some of the conspiration theories because some just sound relevant. I mean with all this modern technology it is just very strange that the plane just "disappears" from the radar. Some of the suspicions goes to the pilots and passengers that day, what I chose to believe is that the Malaysian government is hiding something from the people, which wouldn't surprise me because we all know that you can't trust the government…

But I must say the conspiracy theories are just going crazy some are just too irrelevant, like one states that it was an alien abduction.. I mean come on. The interesting one is about the hijacking,that one is more relevant or the one about the government being included.. This is why people these days are so paranoid, you just cant trust anyone or anything. Not even the government thats is supposed to protect is :/. We live in such a crazy world..

To be honest I feel like that passengers are most likely long dead now, but there are no plane parts found which makes it more hard to believe if the incident even is real..

And just recently money was sent to one of the passengers account, the whole thing is just so weird :O

Heres the documentry

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